Mind Map: What was the Quayside like in the 1980s and why did it need redeveloping?

Why was it redeveloped?

  • Baltic
  • Fits in with its surroundings and environment
  • It had become unused
  • Wanted to keep original building
  • Ships unable to go down the Tyne

Why change?

  • Advantages of change
  • City reputation
  • Attract tourists to an area
  • Make money
  • Landmarks

What were conditions like?

  • Nothing to do
  • Derelict land
  • Dirty
  • Industrial wasteland


What was happening in the 90s


  • Empty buildings
  • Buildings to let


What facilities are available?


  • Dining and beverages; Hotels and Bars
  • Hotels
  • Culture and Art; Art, Baltic, Sculptures around the Quayside, Sage, Music
  • Employment; Shops, Hotels, Other

What are the conditions like now?

  • Clean
  • Social
  • Safe
  • Businesses
  • Nice day out
  • Interesting