Mind Map: Why is the Quayside key to the success of the Newcastle Gateshead band?

Why? They have got a lot of places where people pay money to go. They have been changing it over the years. They have changed where people live and changed them in to people’s jobs so then they can earn a lot of money.

How? The industries have changed because they don’t build ships on the Tyne anymore. They have modernised all of the buildings so then they can use them and they will be safe for people to use.

Where? Quayside, Newcastle, Gateshead, Advertised all over the city on the TV.

What? The brand is Newcastle Gateshead put together to become one area. To do with the culture of the area and the history.

Who? It attracts tourists, people that are wanting jobs, local people, business people, pupils are here on trips. Council are in charge of the Quayside.

When? Since the Millennium bridge was built in 2000, it has made it become more lively because people are wanting to see the bridge move.